Lent 2021


BY ANDREW RAINES Thank you for walking the Lenten road with us from Ash Wednesday until this glorious new morning. It’s been our honor to share our meditations and prayers with you. We close with the words of a fourth-century bishop. Every Easter, Orthodox Christians hear this sermon by St. John Chrysostom read during morning … More

Quiet Rest

BY ANDREW RAINES Today is the quietest of days. Today, the Word that speaks us into being has been silenced. His cadaver has been taken down from the cross, prepared for burial, and laid in a borrowed tomb. Jesus is really dead; this is not just for show. “God is dead… And we have killed … More

An Appointed Place

BY JEREMY BEGBIE Many of us are haunted by the memory of a missed opportunity. Near the end of Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory, an old priest sits in his cell the night before his execution. He looks back over his life, thinking of all the things he could have done and … More

Two Thieves

This piece is part of syndicated series in collaboration with Yale Logos for Lent 2021. You can read the original piece at https://www.yalelogos.com/home/two-thieves. BY JOHN DAOUD Lent calls us to improve and deepen our relationship with the Lord in many ways. One such way is through an examination of his Passion. I have recently been … More