Snow Day


To all who have wondered,
Is God good?
Have you not seen his tears?
When He grieves for the world
Beneath the skies.
I have seen,
When the snowflakes fall.

Softly, the snow cries:
Somewhere white soil is splattered with red blood
The sound of gunshot echoes
War after war
The nations destroy one another
Countless human lives are lost
Those who fight
And those who are fought

Wind-whipped, the snow weeps:
For the girl whose white innocence
Marked red by merciless human hands.
The woman whose agony of no didn’t echo
Loud enough.
War after war
The nations destroy one another
Countless women and girls are raped
Their dignity and pleas never considered
The ones who were never asked

Sobbing, inconsolable the snow screams:
Almost as if remembering
The little boys whose white hopes of manhood
Drowned in red clothes of a soldier
No chance to play with imaginary guns
Only the real ones that kill
Marching steps echo into battle fronts
War after war
The nations destroy one another

The snowflakes fall
My cold tears match tempo
Until the conductor pauses the music
For the sun to shine
And I remember
The Son whose white garments
Was marred by my scarlet sins

To all who have wondered
Is God good?
Know that for every evil you grieved
A snow-flaked tear fell
From the eyes of a God who gave
To the red world beneath the blue skies
One day,
Everything will be restored,
Dressed in a heavenly white snow.

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