On Sunday

On Sunday,


I go sledding.

Heaven sends


its noiseless messengers



ethereal, jagged,

gentle. I hesitate


in my fine sweater, clean leggings,

boots worn


to church that morning

I look down that steep hill — 


It looks back — more frozen

dirt-entrapped leaves


than snow.

Yet I push off,


hitting roots and flying off the slick path


muddy gloves, whipping hair, 


swift and fleeting

above cold ice


teeth to the wind,

I find myself laughing as I lie


spread out

on lucid ground


like an angel.

Jocelyn Chin is a sophomore at Duke studying Public Policy and Philosophy.

This article is part of the Duke Crux X UVA Bearings 2021 Advent Series, a collaboration between the two Augustine Collective Organizations.

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