Simple Sublime

by Lauren Campbell

the sun shrouded in a celestial gold

illumines the face of a newborn babe

whose features are freckled in hope foretold 

and whose figure is swaddled in hallowed praise


by Him all the stars are numbered and named

the sundial of centuries cannot be outshone 

yet Bethlehem graces His crown and proclaims

that radiance is born in a stable not a throne


He does not slumber, but is nursed to sleep

in a manger hewn from a carpenter’s knife

greeted by an ensemble of ivory fleece

aromas of fodder fill the breath of life


choirs of angels sing at His command

yet He listens to shepherd’s lullabies 

creation’s head cradled in human hands

softly studies the virgin’s weary eyes 


creation whispers as the sun stands still

the needle of horizon’s compass revolves

till north meets the south in a glorious thrill

and the equator of heaven and earth dissolves


The sun, the Most High, at absolute height 

rising from the lowest possible place 

miraculous meets the mundane on that night

the genesis of salvation and grace 

Lauren is a second year at UVA and plans to major in English.

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